For centuries, healthcare sector has been dominated by allopathic medicines, and researches, treatments and diagnoses done through the allopathic methods are regarded most authentic. However, in addition to allopathy, various other methods like homeopathy, naturopathy, aroma therapy chiropractic care, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda has also been adopted by people far and wide to cure illness. In recent times, aroma therapy has gained a lot of popularity owing to the many benefits it offers.

Nowadays, use of different and complementary therapies with mainstream medicine has gained momentum. Aromatherapy is one of the harmonizing therapies which incorporates use essential oils as the major therapeutic agents to treat several diseases.

Essential oils have many uses other than aromatherapy. Many people use them to scent their homes or freshen up things like laundry. They are also used as a natural scent in homemade cosmetics and high-quality natural products.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated oils evaporated at room temperature. They are hydrophobic liquid based oils and are extracted from the chemical compounds found in different plants. These oils are also known as volatile oils, oil of plants and ethereal oils etc.

There are different plants and different extractions are obtained from these plants. Every extracted volatile oil is different from another and can be used for various purposes such as aromatherapy for treatment of diseases, for freshening the house and also used as fragrances, used as scent on clothes and also in making of cosmetic products of high quality.

Essential oils really work on what we are using for. Due to their fragrance, they work to change the mood and makes you to feel considerably lighter and better. Most of the people use these essential oils for therapy in order to relieve stress and anxiety.

These essential oils are the natural extraction from plants so they are pure and safe to use only externally and the use is also limited with specification of time duration. For the application of these essential oils on skin there is an amount of quantity that should not be exceeded more than as recommended. Moreover, there is also a time limit like generally the essential oils should not be inhaled for more than 15 minutes.


Best Essential Oils for Healthy Life on Amazon

If you simply write Best Aromatherapy Products on Amazon, you will be surprised to see the number of results. Now you have several budget-friendly and high quality natural products to choose from each offering distinct features that will help you with not j distressing and getting rid of anxiety, it’s causing agents and whatnot but also provides you countless other benefits.

  1. doTERRA Lavender Essential Oi006C

Price: $30.67 ($60.14/Fl Oz)

As we know that lavender is basically a shrub that has many benefits and its extraction makes its use even more beneficial. This particular extraction oil has several uses for example it is used for relaxing, promoting peace of mind and it also helps you enjoy a sound sleep free of stress.


  • Can used as antiseptic
  • Useful for treating depression and stress
  • Cures insomnia
  • Skin allergies can be treated effectively if recommended
  • best remedy for headache


  • It can cause fungal infection
  • It causes the condition that enlarges the breast tissues in boys before puberty
  • Can make you heavy-eyed during the day
  • Can cause complications if you are pregnant
  1. Vitruvi Bergamot Essential Oil

       PRICE $14.69 ($48.97/Fl Oz)

This essential oil is basically used for de-stressing. If we talk about the fragrance it is deep and smells like earl grey tea. It is extracted from fresh Italian bergamots. It is 100% pure without any impurity of chemicals and because this product is purely extracted it is absolutely non-toxic and purely vegan.

It comes in a dropper bottle with 10ml quantity. These essential oils are not only purely extracted but also packed in suitable bottles to protect them from the weather conditions or from surroundings. It is filled in a black bottle or sleek black matte bottle to be precise, in order to protect it from ultra violet radiations coming directly from the sun.


  • Used to treat stomach problems
  • Relieves pain
  • Fights against the infection
  • Used to relieve stress
  • Lowers the blood pressure


  • Long term use can cause heart burn
  • Can cause muscle cramps
  • It is sensitive to sunrays
  • Can cause reactions to some type of skins
  1. Aetos Organic Eucalyptus Oil

PRICE $15.99 ($15.99 / Fl Oz)

This essential oil is usually used for treating cold but can be used generally too. It is extracted from Eucalyptus Globulus. It is 100% purely organic and extracted without any addition of chemical. As we know essential oil added to the oil diffuser makes the fragrance to freshen up your houses. It is a preservative oil that is why we also call it as the Paraben type of essential oil. This essential oil is also used in place of the other harmful chemicals for the purpose of cleaning, as a disinfectant and also as an antiseptic.


  • Useful to treat cold
  • No artificial fragrance
  • Can be used as a disinfectant and for cleaning purposes


  • Can cause allergic reactions
  • Can cause abdominal pain
  • Can cause shortness of breath
  • It is Paraben
  1. Plant Therapy Germ Fighter Synergy Essential Oil Blend

PRICE $37.95 ($11.50/Fl Oz)

This essential oil is called as “the germ fighter oil”. It is not extracted naturally but is a blend of different things that makes it special. It is a blend of Clove bud, Cinnamon Cassia, Rosemary 1 and 8-Cineole. It fights germs and keeps your immunity stronger against them; you can even call it an immunity booster that keeps you healthy. It is extracted by the experts to manage quantity of different extractions and make a blend.

It is ensured that it is 100% pure organic and does not contain any mixing of chemicals. It helps to cure cold and sinus issues, when used for curing any health problem it recommends the use by keeping your health issues in mind like for sinus problem it is recommended to inhale the aroma of this essential oil to cure and at the same time if someone has a severe cold it is used for massaging the feet to fight against the cold.  

This oil is tested by multiple departments like GC-MS testing by third party laboratory and even by organoleptic testing is done by Robert Tisserand, who is the expert of essential oils.


  • It is used against the germs
  • Can be used to treat flu and cold
  • It boost up your immunity
  • Can be used for sinus problems
  • It is inexpensive


  • It puts your immune system at stake
  1. Now Essential Oils Ylang Ylang Extra Oil

PRICE $22 /30ml

This essential oil is best for relieving stress and anxiety. It helps to keep the day pleasant and depression free. Its fragrance is so pleasant that it provides relaxing sensation. The aroma of this essential oil helps to calm the stressful and depressed mind. This is the vegan essential oil that is extracted from the flowering tops and it is pure organic because it is distilled through the steaming process. The purity is tested by multi departments. This essential oil does not contain any additional chemicals; it is purely extracted. The main objective is to satisfy our costumer. This essential oil is used for different purposes mainly for relieving stress, for freshening house with its adorable scent, using it as a scent on clothes. The extraction source of this essential oil is not only one but a blend of plants, flowers, bark, leaves, stems and seeds. It is safe to use.


  • It is anti-depressant
  • It is anti-fungal
  • It is anti-oxidant
  • Best to relief stress


  • It can cause skin irritation
  • Should be used with a carrier oil
  1. Edens Garden Clary Sage Essential Oil

PRICE $31.95 Size: 30 ml

The aroma of this essential oil is very pleasant. It is useful for relieving stress as well as for relaxing mind and body. The price of this essential oil is affordable to make it available for everyone. It is purely extracted without any addition of outside chemical. It’s safe to use and is tested by several multi testing companies by experts to ensure its quality and purity.


  • It reduces the stress
  • Reduces menstrual cramps
  • It has anti-bacterial properties


  • It increases the estrogen in body
  • It can cause skin problems
  1. Aura Cacia Tranquility Essential Oil

PRICE $11.84/count

This essential oil is used for the soothing and relaxing effect that helps to cure insomnia. It is purely extracted so it doesn’t contain any chemical, color, stabilizer or any artificial fragrance. This oil is not processed with preservation it means it is paraben free oil. Its fragrance is of lavender.


  • Used to treat insomnia
  • No artificial color and fragrance
  • It help to relax the muscles


  • If used during pregnancy, it can cause complications
  • It may cause skin irritation
  1. Vitruvi Frankincense Essential Oil

PRICE $18.00 ($54.55/Fl Oz)

It is used for relaxation purpose. This essential oil is steam-distilled processed and is extracted from Indian Frankincense trees. It is purely extracted and doesn’t contain any additives. It is vegan and a non-toxic product to use. This oil is provided in a dropper bottle. The bottle of this essential oil is in black or sleek matte black to protect it from ultra violet radiations which could cause reactions in it.


  • It is safe to use
  • Used for anti-depression
  • It is purely vegan
  • It is non-toxic


  • It can cause skin allergy
  • Can cause reactions within the extracted oil if exposed to sunlight.
  • Avoid its use during pregnancy and breast feeding
  1. Plant Therapy Sweet Orange Essential Oil

PRICE $8.95 ($8.95/Fl Oz)

It is used as a pain reliever. This essential oil has a scent of sweet orange that stimulates your senses. This oil is famous for boosting up the immunity, cleaning purposes, for inhaling to get relief from pain and as an anti-bacterial. It is extracted from the potent and peel of orange which is anti-oxidant and rich in vitamin C. It is tested by third party laboratory GC-MS and even tested by Robert Tisserand an expert of essential oils.  It is certified by aroma therapist and their priority is to make this product pure and beneficial for everyone. It is nontoxic as it is extracted from the peels and potent of orange. It is used to freshen up the houses with its adorable sweet fragrance.


  • It is best for pain relief
  • It is tested by GC/MS
  • It is affordable
  • It is rich in vitamin C
  • It is purely made from the extraction of orange peel and potent


  • It can harm the skin if applied undiluted
  • Can cause eye irritation
  • It should not be used during pregnancy
  1.  Rocky Mountain Oils Peppermint Essential Oil

Price: $25.95/15 ml

This essential oil is best for headaches. Peppermint essential oil is best known to improve mental health. It is used for applying on skin to get relief from headache. It is purely extracted and the fragrance is not artificially made. This essential oil has a deep cool and minty effect and due to the mint its fragrance becomes sharp enough. The benefits of this essential oil include calm down the stress, sharpens your mind and also keep your stomach healthy. It gives a soothing effect to muscles, cools your scalp and can also be used to clean your home.


  • It is antiseptic
  • Used to cure headache
  • Calm downs the stress
  • Give a soothing and cooling effect to your scalp


  • Oral intake can cause heart burn
  • Frequent use can cause abdominal pain
  • Can cause mouth dryness

That’s all for now, through this article you have been provided with plenty of essential oil options to go with and you can clearly analyse the merits and de-merits of every oil. And it is evident that although essential oils have a great number of benefits when it comes to getting rid of stress and anxiety, yet you should not use these if you have any disease or infection. You should definitely take your doctor’s recommendation before reaching out to purchasing these items.

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