Swanson Turmeric

Winner 2017
Turmeric Supplement


  • High Quality
  • Safe Product to use
  • Easy to Swallow


  • Bioperine not included


  • Serving Cost

  • Serving Amount

  • Pill Cost

  • Consumer Rating



Coming in at #1 the most affordable, Swanson Premium Turmeric, at only $10.18 for 120 1440 mg capsules. The amount per serving vs the cost effectiveness make this product an exceptional buy. We can’t stress the quality enough making this product our #1 product of choice. Not only have we come to this conclusion many others have as well making this a top notch product rated by thousands of people. After a number of consumer rating and research we can conclude that this product has worked well for them. However it seems, a few have expressed concerns about the lack of information provided in regards to percentage of Curcuminoids it contains and the lack of Bioperine mixed in. However, a few peppercorns is an affordable alternative to Bioperine and does the same job. Swanson’s vitamins is a well-established and trusted company so we and many other people feel comfortable buying their products.