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Sports & Fitness

Ab Belts 2019

Ab Belts Most people would love to have a good body shape but not everybody wants to work out in the gym. Maybe due to a lot of physical activity, lack of time or lack of cash flow. A few reasons why ab belts were created. It allows you to create those special, sexy beach…

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Adidas Basketball Shoes 2019

                                                                      Adidas Basketball Shoes They say that if you want to judge someone personality start from their shoes and when it’s about athletic sports such as basketball, shoes do matter a lot. They not only present your personality but they also determines your performance in a game. A cheap shoe can led to injuries and…

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Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands What are Resistance bands? Resistance bands are bands made of elastic that helps in training for strength. Resistance bands was said to have originated in the early 29th century in which they were made for surgical tubing and rehabilitation of the muscles. When looking at resistance bands they are normally color coded to…

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Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines When purchasing a rowing machine one should look into its space, the user, price, construction, resistance, and warranty! Rowing machines were made for cardiovascular workouts, it works the whole body pumping the heart and lungs pushing out the sweat. Row machines come in many types of resistance air, water, and magnetic. It gives…

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Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats When purchasing a yoga mat one should considering its material, thickness, texture, color design, and its price. Yoga mats aka non-slip mats are specially made to be used in studios or any place it can be placed to prevent hands and feet from slipping during practice. The first yoga mat was made of…

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Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes An exercise bike a basically a stationary bicycle that is used for aerobic exercise in one place. When purchasing an exercise bike one should look for features that match what they are looking for like its display, resistance, programming, heart rate monitor, and its security. They come in different sizes and shapes. They…

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