Natrol Biotin Maximum

Winner 2017
Biotin Supplement


  • High Quality
  • Safe Product to use
  • 100 % Vegetarian



  •  Overdose may cause allergic reaction or acne


  • Serving Cost

  • Serving Amount

  • Pill Cost

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Coming in at #1 the most affordable, Natrol Biotin Maximum, at only $11.83 for 100 count(pack of 2) 10000 mcg capsules. The amount per serving vs the cost effectiveness make this product an exceptional buy. We can’t stress the quality enough making this product our #1 product of choice. Not only have we come to this conclusion many others have as well making this a top notch product rated by thousands of people. After a number of consumer rating and research we can conclude that this product has worked well for them. However it seems, a few have expressed a few concerns about more facial hair then usual,  breakouts in the skin(face, arms,  and body) However, we have found this product to work exactly as expected, by growing hair, creating nice skin, and strong nails over time due to its support in the production of fatty acids and cell growth. Natrol a well-established and trusted company so we and many other people feel comfortable buying their products along with its highest “A” rating from NPA  a independent industry that certifies vitamins and supplements.