Swanson Biotin

Second Place 2017
Biotin Supplement


  • High Quality
  • Safe Product to use
  • Affordable price




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Coming in at #2, the second most affordable, Swanson Biotin, at only $7.86 for 100 5000 mcg(5 mg) vitamin capsule. The amount per serving vs the cost effectiveness make this product not quite the most exceptional buy. The cost per pill in comparison with the Natrol Biotin is a little more. We can’t stress the quality enough making this product our #2 product of choice. This product is to be taken every day. Natrol Biotin was created to boost energy by feeding our cells. We have benefited from this product based off results. We have been able to experience healthier hair, a healthier scalp, and even better looks overall. We as well as many others have found it hard to take multiple capsules every day on top of others. Yet, this product ingredients is enclosed in a single capsule. We can conclude that this product has worked well for many others providing that great potency and affordable price. We love Swanson products!